Finding Cleaning Jobs in Christchurch

Tired of the heavy lifting involved in building and labouring jobs and looking for something less intense on the back? Going into the cleaning sector might be a good option, and there’s plenty of this kind of work around at the moment in Christchurch. The key is really finding the right kind of jobs and finding a good employer who will pay an honest wage and won’t work you into the ground. Be careful because cleaning is an industry known for companies who exploit their workers. We recommend checking out first and foremost, who are known as one of the leaders in the industry for carpet cleaning Christchurch – if Local’s Choice aren’t hiring, probably the next best option would be to take a look at Carpet Cleaners Christchurch.

Finding work in post quake Christchurch


The earthquakes have been devastating for Christchurch, but now 3 years on they are creating a boom in the local economy as the rebuild is well underway. If you’re thinking about moving to Christchurch, there are a wealth of jobs on offer in construction and the trades. This website will help guide you in your job search and point you towards some businesses you might want to check out if you want to get a great job with a decent wage.

One of the first companies we’d recommend checking out is NZ Grinders. They’re a nationwide company but they’re particularly active in Christchurch right now, specialising in flooring & polished concrete. There’s also which is worth a look.

Building and construction aren’t the only industries booming though. Business to business services are taking off as they try to cater to the suddenly growing trades sector. Businesses like¬†and which offer SEO in Christchurch are expanding quickly and looking to hire.